Since 2012, the Washington, DC Area Grace Conference has been an annual event where people from around the world come to together to fellowship in the finished work of Jesus, proof of God's unconditional love for all humanity and our identity in Christ, in these New Covenant truths for us, but not new to God.  We have always been of great worth and value to God.  The cross is proof, not the reason. 

This grace given us in Christ Jesus  at the same level as Him is everyone's life continually before God.  By faith, we enter this rest of Father's embrace with nothing to prove and nothing to hide, maturing in and working from rest as sons and daughters proclaiming His goodness towards all, winning souls to their true identity.

Program Schedule

Friday 6/28, 7pm  

Connie Witter (Guest Speaker)
 DC Grace Band

Sat. 6/29, 11am 

LeRoy Thompson (Speaker)

Sat. 6/29, 2:30pm  

Christy Rose (Guest Speaker)

Sat. 6/29, 4pm 

Frank (Speaker) 

DC Grace Band

Sat. 6/29 7pm

Connie Witter

DC Grace Band

Sunday 6/30, 11am 

Connie Witter

DC Grace Band